Eighteenth Thing – Twitter

Posted February 2, 2009 by purchasingfairy
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Have had a dabble in Twitter, following and being followed by one or two other 25 Thingers. Can see the attraction of short and snappy posts but as Facebook offers a similar feature along with many others, I don’t think Twitter will last long in my affections. Unless I am missing the point?


Seventeenth Thing – Facebook

Posted February 2, 2009 by purchasingfairy
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Facebook – I love it. This is what I do:


Stalk student offspring, godchildren, nephews, great-nephew, friends from the 1970s, globetrotting offspring of  friends from the 1970s, the Head of Computing Services.

View photos of drunken antics of student offspring, families and friends of the family and friends and any other content they see fit to upload.  Publish own photos and tag friends in them. Admire wedding photos of son of Cornish cousins before even the bridal party gets to see them.

Scrabble – there’s always someone who wants to play, even at 2am.

Likewise Scramble..

Chat/email/message – public and private, very conveniently all from one page.

Search for long lost friends and occasionally find them.

Communicate with people I am too lazy to walk upstairs to talk to.

Communicate with people I am too lazy to walk next door to talk to.

Keep an eye on Wayne in Oldham.

Did I mention Scrabble?

Fifteenth & Sixteenth Things

Posted January 21, 2009 by purchasingfairy
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I’m  a big fan of Google Earth and Google Maps having used both to plan driving/walking routes from home and to explore in advance places we expect to visit. The satellite pictures must be pretty ancient as the  University still has a Great Hall and we still appear to have the people carrier that trundled our 15 year old son and his rugby team all around Yorkshire. He’s 22 now.

The attractions search is a useful feature though it didn’t find our favourite curry house  in Elland – fortunately we already know how to get there. Google Rides was not accessible to me despite having JavaScript enabled and Google Transit was highly entertaining, proposing a 12 hour 27 minute coach trip via London if I decide to visit my mother 150 miles away in Worcestershire. Think I will stick to the old fashioned timetables. Or walk.

This is a map of where I grew up in the country:

Aston Somerville

Fourteenth Thing

Posted December 13, 2008 by purchasingfairy
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Had a go at making a contribution to the Wetpaint wiki – found this easy in terms of mechanics but was quite depressed to discover that, despite living in Fixby for 25 years,  I could think of nothing to say about it except that the trees are nice. I might add more in future – a definite wiki advantage – and I have managed to upload a photo. Of trees, obviously. Here’s another:

Winter trees in Fixby

Winter trees in Fixby

Thirteenth Thing

Posted December 8, 2008 by purchasingfairy
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Despite the scathing comments on last week’s The Now Show, I love Wikipedia and find it a reasonably dependable resource as long as you discount the rabbits’ eggs. The random page link generated a huge range of information and suggested that my interests are lamentably narrow – I clicked more than 300 times before running out of steam on the Black Sabbath Discography page and being reminded that I was only 14 when Paranoid was released. Not that I didn’t learn something along the way – had never considered before that the Walloon Parliament even existed or that there was anything to know about Tweedy’s Crab-Eating Rat.

The BSD discussion page had just a few contributions from clearly dedicated fans with names like Drewcifer. Someone thought a list of tribute albums would be a nice project and someone else was outraged that a Best Of album had been omitted from the list. There wasn’t really that much to discuss!

Current events on the world stage include the abolition of cross-border passport checks in Switzerland, first time democratic elections in Sark, bomb casualties in Peshawar and student riots in Greece.  Meanwhile, with priorities bang on, UK headlines concentrate on wondering whether  Katie Price is pregnant.

Twelfth Thing

Posted December 8, 2008 by purchasingfairy
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Wikis – something else I’ve never dabbled in. Another week of being shown up as a dreadful old Luddite. Last time I collaborated with anyone to produce anything that mattered was in the first term of the first year of my degree.  A deeply distressing experience and never thereafter repeated. So this promises to be a challenging set of Things for me.

Flickr update

Posted November 28, 2008 by purchasingfairy
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Aporophyllum ‘Beautie’, originally uploaded by purchasingfairy.

Clever Cammyz worked out how to get Flickr pix to show up in searches, so all of my beautiful bloomers are on public show at last. Thanks Cammyz!