Twenty Third Thing

Last summer,  I downloaded a series of podcasts to accompany me when jogging to work (yes, difficult to believe but more credible if I admit that it ‘s downhill all the way).  A useful tool courtesy of a US runner who had originally made them for his own use.

Podcasts for Running

I stuck with them for a while but finally couldn’t live with the unrelenting electric disco flavour so used Audacity software to create my own versions using songs I could keep up with.


From the BBC podcast pages I found myself signing up for as a result of which I am now apparently recommending the entire output of Radio 4 though the widget won’t show up here as it only works with self hosted WordPress blogs. Have found it tricky to work out how to add RSS feeds here though they magically attach themselves to my Bloglines account (how could Iever have believed I could live without Bloglines??). Surely it can’t be as easy as drag and drop?

Friday Night Comedy

Evidently not!

Not sure yet if podcasts will be for me on a regular basis but can see it will be useful for catching up if I miss an episode of the  News Quiz or even the Archers if I’m feeling particularly masochistic.

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