Seventeenth Thing – Facebook

Facebook – I love it. This is what I do:


Stalk student offspring, godchildren, nephews, great-nephew, friends from the 1970s, globetrotting offspring of  friends from the 1970s, the Head of Computing Services.

View photos of drunken antics of student offspring, families and friends of the family and friends and any other content they see fit to upload.  Publish own photos and tag friends in them. Admire wedding photos of son of Cornish cousins before even the bridal party gets to see them.

Scrabble – there’s always someone who wants to play, even at 2am.

Likewise Scramble..

Chat/email/message – public and private, very conveniently all from one page.

Search for long lost friends and occasionally find them.

Communicate with people I am too lazy to walk upstairs to talk to.

Communicate with people I am too lazy to walk next door to talk to.

Keep an eye on Wayne in Oldham.

Did I mention Scrabble?

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2 Comments on “Seventeenth Thing – Facebook”

  1. desimeleon Says:

    hello are you still there, or are you spending to much time on 25things and work to play wordscrapper?

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