Eighteenth Thing – Twitter

Have had a dabble in Twitter, following and being followed by one or two other 25 Thingers. Can see the attraction of short and snappy posts but as Facebook offers a similar feature along with many others, I don’t think Twitter will last long in my affections. Unless I am missing the point?

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3 Comments on “Eighteenth Thing – Twitter”

  1. jubaru Says:

    Yes, I agree. Facebook is much more interesting – I can (and do!) spend all evening on there.

    • purchasingfairy Says:

      I noticed yesterday when I was doing the same thing! As well as exchanging comments with you I was chatting to two separate people, admiring photos of Aubrey, replying to a mail from a friend in France and playing Scrabble with a lady in Bristol. All from one page. Fantastic – I love it.

  2. desimeleon Says:

    I’ve found that I use facebook updates for friends and titter has become a place for work connections, though I am following my son on Twitter also… yes he does know.. I’ve found lots of interesting e-learning links and discussions I wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for some of my twitter connection, so it now has a firm place in my work related resources thanks to 25 things for the nudge.

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