Eighth Thing

Don’t think I’ve quite grasped the point of RSS. To start with, I can’t imagine who would have the time or inclination to ‘keep up with dozens of blogs everyday’. And if I have a sudden urge to look at the news headlines, what’s wrong with going direct to the BBC news website?

Anyway, I set up both Bloglines and Google Reader and will play with them a while to see if they grow on me. Google Reader especially was very simple to create just by logging into my new googlemail account.

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2 Comments on “Eighth Thing”

  1. Dave Pattern Says:

    I’ve found Bloglines to be a real time-saver. There’s about 40 library related blogs that I like to read, so having Bloglines keep an eye on their RSS feeds and then alerting me when there’s something new is really handy 🙂

  2. purchasingfairy Says:

    Yes, I think it must be down to what you need to know; I can see how RSS would be particularly relevant to information services. One thing I might start looking out for is alerts to new gadgetry (known locally as knick-knacks and trinkets) which people tend to think we will know about. It must have been the evening of browsing knitting blogs that made me so grumpy when I posted the above!

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